It’s pretty easy to get lost at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, with so much gear and so many companies from all over the world. Luckily, Utah companies also set up shop, reminding us of our great outdoors and why the show is based here. Here are three local finds we love at Outdoor Retailer.


Every camper should have this grill, and that’s why we put it in this year’s Best of the Beehive. Set it up over your campfire and get cooking. Hence the name, you can adjust the height, and no need to ever put your hand over the fire since the grill rotates. Check out the easy assembly at Retails for $59.99.


Forget an arm band, just tuck your iPhone into your bra—well, your bra’s pocket. Swoob puts inside pockets on sports bras for active women, making them some of the only bras with pockets in the market (and the only ones we saw at OR). They make other clothing, too. Prices vary, check out

Ace Camp

We’re aware this is an international company, but their US headquarters are in SLC. And they have a product that really fired us up. Replace matches with the Flamestick, a post-consumer plastic stick that stays lit for five minutes. It doesn’t put off any scents that might attract bears, kind of like a citronella flame stick would. And if you drop it into a lake, it’ll still light up. They go for about $25 per box. Find more info at