Everybody and their dog goes to the Downtown Farmers Market on Saturdays in Pioneer Square. It's a carnival, a fair—so much more than tomatoes and peaches. You can gorge yourself on everything from TK to TK, do all your Christmas shopping, augment your garden plot, picnic and listen to some music.

The Tuesday evening Harvest Market, which only opens when the farmers' fields are overflowing, is for serious food shopping. It's less crowded, for one thing. Commuters, downtown residents and regular market shoppers will find the Tuesday evening markets an alternative to the busy Saturday markets to purchase produce and farm goods with ample parking near the park. And we all know that easy parking is a requisite for good shopping.

The fourth season of the Harvest market starts tomorrow, Aug. 7 and continues through Oct. 23, from 4 p.m. to dusk in Pioneer Park.

The Harvest Market is comprised of 20-plus hand picked vendors that range from traditional farms and orchards to rare heirlooms,  as well as a limited number of artisan food vendors. All of the vendors participate in the SNAP program, which allows vendors to accept food stamps, with the goals to improve accessibility to fresh food for lower and fixed-income consumers, and to increase revenue for farmers and food producers at the Market.

The full lineup of vendors is as follows:

Adam’s Heirlooms - 100% heirloom & antique varieties of fruits & vegetables

Asians & Heirlooms - Organically grown Asian & Heirloom Vegetables

Bangeter Farms – Local produce since 1902

Black Heron Gardens - Rare and exciting heirloom edibles

Chad’s Produce – No spray vegetables and fruit

Chow Truck – Haute Asian cuisine on the go

Dunham Farms – Green River melons

Earth First Eco-Farms – Organic, urban farmer

Fowers Fruit Ranch – 5th generation farm specializing in fruit production

Gervais Farm – Organic produce farm

Grammy’s Produce – Family-owned farm and orchards

Love Muffins Bakery – Gluten-free bakery

Mimi’s Garden – small batch jams, jellies, preserves and syrups

Paisley Farms - All natural, pure-bred Berkshire Pork

Pyne Farms – Family-owned orchard

Red Bicycle Breadworks – Local bakery

Renewable Comm - Naturally raised eggs from pastured chickens

Salsitas Mendoza – Homemade Mexican-style salsa

Thayne and Cari Tagge’s Famous Fruit – Family-owned farm and orchards

The Sugared Plum Bakery – Gourmet bakery with a modern twist to old-fashioned baking

Tom’s Farm – fresh-picked veggies

Utah Beefalo – all natural, grass-fed beefalo (a cross between domestic cattle and American bison)

Weeks Berries – Fresh berries

Wilkerson Farm – Certified-organic produce