Earlier today, Outdoor Retailer sent a press release on the feedback they got form companies at this year's Summer Market. Judging by the reviews, and our experience, the five-day trade show was a success.

"The feedback from the market at this version of Summer Market has been incredibly positive, from every sector and every section of the show," said Kenji Haroutunian, Emerald Expositions vice president and Outdoor Retailer show director, in the press release. "Innovation continues to drive consumer interest through specialty outdoor retail, which is the engine that keeps this industry and show humming."

The point of the show is for companies to show off their latest outdoor gear, hold product demos and raise excitement for retailers to carry their lines and for press to report on it. This year's show was the largest OR show ever staged, and we agree with Haroutunian on the innovation.

Here's a wrap-up of some of our favorite gear we covered at this year's show:

Be Real Shoes

The newest brand in the barefoot revolution, Be Real Shoes offer increased grip with superior traction, using a 100 percent recyclable sole made in the USA. In addition to looking cool, the breathable mesh fabric keeps your feet cool. This line will become available online in January 2014. berealshoes.com

Oru Kayak

Photo courtesy of orukayak.com

It's an amazingly durable kayak you can fold up and easily carry from your shoulder. Yes, really. orukayak.com


There's a reason we put the Adjust-A-Grill in the outdoor gear section of this year's Best of the Beehive. It's simply the best way we can find to cook over a campfire and never have to put your hand above the flame. adjustagrill.com

Key Log

Key Log's man-made log weighs 64 pounds, but when it's filled with water, it's like the western red cedar it's modeled after at 450 pounds. Finally, the sport of log rolling has made its way to the family campout. keylogrolling.com

Rite in the Rain

We found a notepad just like this one drenched in a fountain, and when we took it out, we could easily write whatever we wanted on it. Other companies have done this, but we love the variety of sizes available from Rite in the Rain. Pick one up, and never lose those great ideas you get in the shower. We gave one to our editor/constant notetaker Glen to try out, and it came back with a positive review. riteintherain.com

Big Buddy from Mr. Heater

The thing we like most about this heater is that it just works really, really well. It's propane-fueled and can be used indoors or outdoors and is especially awesome for tailgate parties and lift-gate lunches at the ski hill. mrheater.com 

Hurrta hands-free leash

We're very excited for this hand's free leash that is available in September. With an adjustable length, from 3-5 ft., this is ideal for those times when you need to access your phone while walking the dog. hurttaamerica.com

EzyDog Summit Backpack


The pros at EzyDog had some of the best leash and pack designs that we have seen yet, including this combo. The Summit Backpack has removable compartments, a padded handle to lift your dog, and a leash caddy to hold his own leash. store.ezydog.com 

Bluebuds X from Jaybird

These wireless bluetooth headphones have an amazing signal distance of 125 feet, they're waterproof and boast eight hours of playtime between battery charges. Great for taking a day out on the lake. jaybirdgear.com

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