Pinterest is a bottomless well of creative ideas for home improvement and all around awesomeness, and many millions of women have been drinking from that well. But once you're done scrolling through the pins, roll up your sleeves and begin crafting for your home!

A series of Do-It-Herself workshops have been scheduled for women looking to increase their crafting skill set by completing home design and décor projects. On Thursday, Aug. 15, the Home Depot will be hosting workshops at all Salt Lake City locations featuring a customized chore chart. Attendees will leave the workshop having learned how to select the right materials and tools for creating a chore chart and how to decorate and personalize their chart to be functional for their homes and families.

Popular local blogger Kari Sweeten will co-host the DIH workshop at the Sandy Home Depot location. Kari’s trend-spotting craft blog attracts 46,000 readers.  See her sparkle in person as she shares tips on how to start off the school year as an organized household.

The event is free, but registration is encouraged.  For more information and to reserve your spot, visit