Sure it's still August and we've a month or so to go before we're submerged in the depths of wool socks and knit hats, but there's something about back-to-school and the anticipation of Labor Day that gets me itching for some falling leaves and spiced cider.

And since it's wise to plan ahead, why not at least be on the lookout for a shoe and bag combo that's perfectly fit for fall? This month's pick is on the edge of equestrian, a trend that is enjoyably gender neutral, yet oh so classy and timeless.

A high-shafted boot delicately adorned with gold buttons pairs flawlessly with a wool and leather tote, providing visual texture in an unmatched dimension. Call it eye candy and I'd say amen.

Ailee Flat Studded Knee Boot: Michael Kors | Gräf & Lantz Wool and Leather Carry All, Purse Dreams