These Salt Lake residents find their personal style beyond pop culture and social media. They find clothes and accessories that speak to their personality and use them as a form of self-expression.

Chrystal and Shane Cahoon

“We like to support local. My necklace is from Lala West and my earrings are from Pyrus; his pants and shirt are from a thrift store in San Francisco which make them a fun vacation memento. We like to get our creative juices flowing every time we get dressed; to look unique.”—Chrystal Cahoon, artist

Natasha Stevenson

“I love to focus individually on each item that I wear; it’s fun to have each piece in your closet express you in a different way. I then I throw some of my favorite pieces together as I get dressed and voila! My jeans are from Uptown Cheapskate; my shirt is Free People; my shoes are from Forever Young, and my turquoise earrings are from an Indian reservation—earrings always finish off an outfit.”—Natasha Stevenson, refugee caseworker

Courtney Morlock

 “I believe that weirder is better when it comes to fashion. And my clothes and accessories need to express my inner self; it makes me feel great being me. My entire outfit is from The Buckle.”—Courtney Morlock, retail manager