While I'm of the opinion that certain things should always be splurged on (think shoes, jeans and other staples that'll last you forever through a million wears) and more often than not you do get what you pay for, many of us still have to abide by some sort of budget. If that budget includes picking and choosing what you will or won't pay a little extra for, here are a few examples of pieces that might allow you to cut back without anyone even knowing.


$98 at J.Crew vs. $25 at Old Navy

If you're after a piece that fits well and will see you through at least a few seasons, the Old Navy option should suit you just fine. The classic chambray button-down is fantastic for layering or just wearing on its own, and thanks to the monochromatic trend, you can even pair it with jeans.


$98 at Anthropologie vs. $38.50 at Bohme

Maxi skirts that boast bold prints in contrasting colors are all the rage these days, and when paired with a basic top, they can be worn just about anywhere. Since it's such a fad, though, there's no telling how long it might stay in style, so why not save a little and go with a piece that you won't feel as guilty wearing for only one season?


$88 at White House Black Market vs. $31.46 at Gap

Both of these sweaters offer similar silhouettes and can be easily dressed up or down, depending on what you choose to pair it with. And with a savings of $50 you just might be able to afford an accessory or two.

And here's an extra tip: No matter what you spend on clothes, they'll last longer if you take care while washing them. Always follow the label's instructions and try to keep them out of the dryer. Air drying helps pieces to better maintain their shape and extends the fabric's quailty.