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Comic book and sci-fi characters and their creators will descend on SLC for the Salt Lake Comic Con (Sept. 5-7). You'll also find the sparkly best-of-the-best in gaming, TV, movies, technology and pop culture all in one place. While we aren’t sure if there will be screaming and crying of fans at the same decibel you might find at say, a One Direction show, we can guarantee you will see and do things at Comic Con you can’t anywhere else. Gather with an imaginative cohort to celebrate creativity and artistic expression within a hive of the most clever minds in fantasy.

One special guest at this year’s convention is Claire Coffee, or as you may know her, evil hexenbiest Adalind Schade on the NBC series Grimm. We chatted with the remarkably down-to-earth Coffee as she prepared for arrival in SLC for Comic Con.

Have you ever been to Utah? Tell me something you assume about the Beehive State.

No. I’ve never even been through the airport. I’m not a big skier. I think this will be my first trip to Utah. I know all of the stereotypes, but mostly I am a big San Francisco 49ers fan, and Alex Smith our old QB went to Utah. That is my biggest Utah connotation. Also, the regular things come to mind: snow, skiing and vacation.

Have you attended many conventions, or is this your first rodeo? How do you think Utah will be able to measure up to others? What are your plans for your time here in Salt Lake?

Not many. I actually just attended my first one out east—a horror convention in NYC. The convention has a devoted group of fans within the horror genre—Freddy, Nightmare [on Elm Street], these movies from the ‘70s that have been remade for today’s audiences. So you have a lot more bloodiness and gore, and this crowd was all for gothic, vampires and blood. Gore is the main difference. It was exhausting, but a joy to engage with people face to face and talk about the show. [In Salt Lake], I will doing some signings. I am bringing pictures to share with fans. But mostly, I will just be enjoying chatting with people.

A lot of girls can be pretty, but you seem to also have some quirky qualities that separate you from the cookie-cutter pretty pack. Tell me a little about the real Claire Coffee.

I am glad that that is communicated over the Internet. I was very, very shy when I was younger. I actually got started in theater because my parents worried about sending me to school because of all of the interaction needed with people. Everybody says they are a homebody, but I really am an introvert. Social interaction for me, like big parties, are very exhausting. I can do it and learn things from it, but I go home and OMG I have to rest for a week or so. I have a group of really close girlfriends. We aren’t partiers. Most of the time we bake together and do art projects. I think that being shy and sheltered has definitely contributed to the quirky factor.

So, you get pretty creative?

I don’t paint. I write. My best friend and I, who I am visiting now in L.A., are working on part two to a web series we worked on a while ago. I create things like that. I like cooking. I have also become really vested recently on learning about wine with my boyfriend, which is a fun, but expensive hobby.

You mentioned the boyfriend. How does a Comic Con fanboy land a girl like Claire Coffee—pretty, intelligent and creative?

Confidence is the main attraction. Someone who has confidence in themselves and who is self-motivated. We were set up by a friend and he lived in NYC and I was in L.A. He is a musician who travels a lot. Both of our schedules are crazy. We slowly got to know one another. The distance was advantageous for getting to know one another. Mostly through texting. One of the fun things about texting is that you can have fun and edit yourself. If you like communicating via written words, it is a good way to get to know someone.

Anything you're nerdy over that you'd like to see here?

Doctor Who. Orphan Black is one of my favorite new shows. I grew up watching Star Trek and The Jetsons, and I think people who are introverted have a very extensive dreamland imagination world. I think a lot of actors are that way. Being able to perform in a fantasy show is really a dream come true. I would also like to bump into my fans and talk about the genre, because they are watching the same things I am watching—not only to talk about Grimm, but other shows, too.

What is around the corner for you on Grimm?

We are shooting episode four of the new season. We pick up right after we left off. The second after the action ended in the season finale. We have been doing lots of night-filming, with more of a cinematic approach. As for my character specifically, I am trying to get my powers back! I am so anxious to talk to the fans and share more tidbits with them.