Like all big events nowadays, Salt Lake Comic Con started with a  press conference. But instead of local dignitaries, this one featured a wookiee, two Power Rangers, The Incredible Hulk and other heroes.

Lou Ferrigno (The Incredibule Hulk) introduced Dan Farr, founder of the Con, who came riding in on a motorcycle with the Utah Jazz Bear. Farr says the energy at other comic cons he's been to has been incredible, and he's looking to bring that same feeling to Salt Lake City.

The convention, which has sold 30,000 tickets, is the biggest event of its kind to hit the city. And as a first year comic con, Farr says Salt Lake holds the record for attendance.

Dan Farr, photo by Samuel Askins

Unlike Sundance Film Festival, he says Salt Lake Comic Con gives regular fans a chance to get up close and personal with their favorite celebrities and creative talents. "The guests who are here are so friendly and personal," he says. And one of them is the godfather of the modern comic book industry. Stan Lee (creator of Spider-man, X-Men and Fantastic Four) is going to appear at Salt Lake Comic Con on Saturday, Sept. 7.

Ferrigno, who will appear at the event all three days, convinced the legendary writer to come. 

Lou Ferrigno, photo by Samuel Askins

Salt Lake magazine shot this raw video of Ferrigno talking about his conversation with Stan Lee: