Park City hosts a variety of upscale restaurants that appeal to daring tasters and picky eaters. And all of those who enjoy PC cuisine should particpate in the very first Dine About, hosted by the Park City Area Restaurant Association.

A week long festivity from Oct. 5–13, the Park City Dine About will be presenting three-course dinners from local restaurants. Depending on the restaurant, dinners cost either $15 or $30 per person. PCARA executive director Ginger Ries says in a PCARA press release, "No coupons, no punch cards, no strings attached—simply walk in, ask your server for a Dine About menu, and enjoy."

It's an easy and affordable way to get acquainted (or re-acquainted) with what Park City has to offer your stomach and your tastebuds.

This is not an exclusive event, which means the more the merrier. Whether you're a rookie or a newcomer, take advantage of Park City's Dine About this October. 

For more info, contact Christa Graff at or 435-640-7921. You can also visit