Photo courtesy of Mod a-go-go.

The Modern Chair: An Innovative Call to Action

There’s something about the '60s and '70s. Indeed, it could be described as the “culture decades," justifiable with the emergence of The Beatles as a musical phenomenon and the extraordinary landing of man on the moon. It could also be described as an inspiration, as many local artists, designers, and creative minds in and around Salt Lake City refer to it through their art.

Marcus Gibby’s Mod-a-go-go aptly fits that mold, as it fuses contemporary art with mid-century furniture. This fusion caters to a specific taste in art and home décor that draws the attention of art critics, buyers, painters, enthusiasts and architectural designers.

Mod-a-go-go is excited to showcase up-and-coming artists and offer them an opportunity to launch their careers, displaying a varying array of visual art, including creative chairs and sofas, pop-icon paintings and contemporary sculptures.

“The biggest promoter is yourself [in the art world],” Gibby says. “Most galleries want you to offer 12 pieces or at least wait a year until they can showcase your work . . . Mod-a-go-go offers group shows as a means to offer up-and-coming artists the chance to participate and experience live shows and practice self-promotion.”

One of the live shows Gibby is referring to will be presented from Sept. 20 to Nov. 1, as a design show titled The Modern Chair.

The show encourages people from all steps of life—amateurs to professionals, designers to dreamers, teachers to learners—to design their own perfect chair. The event will take place at Mod-a-go-go's downtown gallery, 242 E. South Temple Salt Lake City. Click here for more info.