We stopped by Pallet last night to sample Matt Pfohl's Farm-to-Glass Cocktail Contest entry, appropriately named the "Garden Smash."

When it comes to cocktails, we at SLMag agree with Ronnie Reagan: "Trust but verify." Thus, here's mud in your eye, bottoms up, Maisha marefu, Tchim-tchim, etc.

Pfohl (rhymes with Tfohl) used his black arts to capture the essence of a truck garden in a collins glass (no manure jokes, please) by fusing together Clifford Farms honey syrup, Meyers lemon juice, Thai basil, ginger soda, Angostura, dilithium crystals and gin to the legal limit.

The result, the gorgeousness of which our phone-cam woefully failed to capture, was herbaceously crazy good.

(Actually, I threw in "dilithium crystals" to snag any Comic Con geeks who still may be lurking.)

Finally, like Pallet's bar mirror commands: Don't forget to vote.