Fashion is a universal concept and styles are endless, even on the streets of Salt Lake City.

For conferences, vacations and opportunities, Salt Lake City is attracting people from around the globe. Their diversity enhances the city in many ways, but for the people-watchers among us, their fresh perspective on style is particularly exhilarating.

Jean Ramos

“I like to dress well, and I appreciate great quality. My shoes are Puma; shirt is Guess; jeans are Armani; bracelet is from Zales, and watch is Porsche Design.”—Jean Ramos, visiting from Puerto Rico for the Max International conference

Eddy Cavazos

“Recently in Salt Lake from Mexico, I have had adjust my closet, but I like dressing for the occasion whether I’m dressing to impress for a function or wearing what’s comfortable to run around town. My dress and shoes are from Forever 21; my necklace is from Van Heusen, and my bag is from H&M.”—Eddy Cavazos, buyer

Max Young, Ehsan Ali, Ali Reza, Ma Soud

“We like to look good.”—Max Young, Ehsan Ali, Ali Reza, Ma Soud, arrived from Pakistan