To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure what to make of the touring edition of Everything Is Terrible! From what I've seen via video, it's a group that takes some ridiculous found footage and turns it into something a lot funnier than originally intended. Consider it some sort of blend of Mystery Science Theater and Beavis & Butthead--at least the video version. I watched a bit of the troupe's Comic Relief Zero!, and it was a pretty hilarious hodge-podge of old stand-up comedy clips mashed together into a brand new, highly questionable, viewing experience. The live tour for that collection, as well as EIT! Does The Hip-Hop, should make for a long night of serious laughs as they skewer some of the worst white-boy hip-hop ever created--we're talking rapping claymation characters made for Pillsbury TV commercials, and little kids rapping about stamps. The possibilities are endless--and most likely they will all be terrible.