This time of year, even those who have long since graduated and have no children in school can feel the broad societal shift in gears. Back to school season has now fully set in and at the Caputo household we are certainly missing summer. 

After a crazy day of rushing to get the kids to school, grinding it out at work, getting dinner on the table, putting kids to bed, cleaning up, there is little time to plan ahead on what wine or beer we will be drinking.

However, I am just now realizing that for the parents of very young children, like myself, back to school has a welcome surprise. Namely, the kids have to go to bed earlier. This means more mommy and daddy time, which in turn means more booze and cheese. Just less time to plan for it during the day.

Given that we have no time to plan what we are drinking, and therefore what cheese to pair, I always know one cheese that will pair amazingly with any random libation. Robiola Bosina. 

It is a soft ripened blend of sheep and cows milk from Piedmont, Italy. Imagine a super silky Brie like texture but with a much thinner and milder rind, which encases a gooey and almost oozy paste that is sweet and very milky with a hint of barnyardy funk. 

I challenge you to find a bad beer or wine pairing with Robiola. From Barbera to Sauvignon Blanc, from Pilsner to Porter, they will all sing with the cheese while amplifying the milkiness in the sexiest of ways. 

Nothing better than Robiola Bosina for a little impromptu stay at home date night. This time of year I make sure we remember to keep a small wheel in the fridge at all times. You never know when you may need it. Well, actually, I do know. You will need it regularly.