Lori Harris of Mary Jane's, photo by Adam Finkle

Lori Harris, owner of Mary Jane's, has a thriving shop that specializes in trendy and classic fashion as well as unique accessories for your feet and other limbs. She even gets some of her personal favorite go-to pieces—chunky cardigans, faux fur vests and cell-phone friendly gloves—from her own store. But the shop is best known for its footwear.

Originally Harris wanted to open a small wine bar on Main Street and got as far as writing the business plan and had the space picked out when a friend in the finance biz talked her out of it. She followed her pal's advice and instead brought to town a fashion boutique specializing in shoes.

The shop is named after the shoe style but was cemented one day as Harris was hanging with her dog, Clyde, at City Park. "This little girl with the most adorable ringlets came running up to see Clyde, and her dad was running after her yelling, 'Mary Jane!' That sealed the deal."

Mary Jane's is a great place to stop for fall and winter wear.

For more info, visit maryjanesshoes.com