Classic or ultra contemporary, stylish spaces of all kinds line up to show off their well-earned stripes. Here's how you can make stripes work for you and your walls:

Stripes create order from chaos, taming cluttered spaces and busy patterns. They add instant structure to a space.

Applied vertically, stripes can create the illusion of height.

Horizontal stripes create a somewhat quirky, hip look, visually widening walls while making the ceiling above appear lower.

Narrow Stripes perform as patterned neutrals, creating depth without distraction.

A pattern of assorted widths and tones of stripes creates a casual, lighthearted look. For a more formal feel, favor evenly spaced stripes of medium thickness that are limited to two colors. 

Elitis wallpaper

Apt. 202 Boutique

Schumacher's Capri Stripes

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