How do you make people stop and think for a moment? This is the question that prompted photographer Phillip Istomin to do just that.

“People have short attention spans, so I wanted to put on a show that would make people pause and think of the photos they are seeing—instead of walking by and saying 'Oh, there's a picture, and there's a picture.'”

The Pro-vo-ca-teur Gallery show is the result of three months of preparation that Istomin drew from his two biggest influences—namely film and fashion photography. Relying on a lot of sponsors, the exhibit was able to raise in the region of $1,800 to showcase what Istomin describes as an 'in your face' show that will present something different than most photography exhibits. 

Originating from its name, the gallery promises pretty photos that will really push provocative aspects. Steven Klein, one of photography's biggest names based in New York, has had a large influence on Istomin, who has created his own diverse artistic identity.

'Pro-vo-ca-teur: A ManicProject Photography Exhibit' will be taking place Sept. 20 on 315 East Broadway, Salt Lake City. Doors are open from 6 to 10 p.m. Find more on this provocative gallery on