This week, Salt Lake magazine toured the streets to capture the last glimpses of skin before the veil of fall accessories sets in.

“I wear what is convenient for riding my bike. It always includes suspenders and, in this case, my Tour of Utah socks.”—Owen Geary, valet bike parking coordinator

“The energy that each day brings is what I wear. The '60s and '70s inspire me. My dress is from Plato’s Closet, my boots I got at Goodwill, my headband is from the Salvation Army, and my earrings from the San Diego Museum of Art.”—Sydni Sanders, student

“I enjoy preppy meets rock ‘n’ roll; a geek chic, as I like to call it. My watch is Invicta, shirt is Ted Baker, shoes are from Zara, hat is J. Crew, and shorts are H&M.”—Jason Lamoreaux, retail employee