Sea Salt, photo by Adam Finkle.

Eric DeBonis has spent a tremendous period of time traveling the Mediterranean, educating himself and embracing everything from its rich history and expressive culture. At the root of the history and culture, food seemed to tie it all together. 

As a result of his journeys, DeBonis developed two Mediterranean restaurants in Park City during the 1990's, The Olive Barrel Food Company and Mediterraneo, and currently has two Salt Lake restaurants: Sea Salt and The Paris.

“The restaurants are my mediums to express my passion for, and my life long study of, Mediterranean food and wine cultures and to share my many travels and experiences from this amazing part of the world with my customers here in Utah,” DeBonis says.

DeBonis strives to give diners an experience in which their food is crafted for quality in his restaurants with a unique Italian or French feel.

“At The Paris and Sea Salt our goal is to transport each diner to France and Italy with our ambiance, food, wine and service,” DeBonis said. “The two restaurants provide two distinctively different experiences: Sea Salt, a modern Italian restaurant, showcases Italy's Mediterranean spirit with all its warmth and natural beauty; and The Paris is a timeless French institution echoing the spirit of a classic Parisian bistro and brasserie.” 

DeBonis strives to share the celebration of an authentic French and Italian wine and dining experience with each diner by focusing on culture and community as well as traditional recipes and techniques. He also believes in what  he calls the “slow food” manifesto, a focus on rhythm of the seasons and local environments, as well as culture and community, instead of cheap or fast food.

“Both restaurants honor France and Italy's slow food cultural heritage where the kitchen, its homage to the seasons, local produce and hand-crafted traditional artisan meals and wines are central to life's greatest pleasures, and where guests relax and enjoy a slow-paced quality full-service dining experience rather than a 'fast-casual' frenzied pace of eating.”

Each restaurant is enriched by a deep philosophy which DeBonis has created from his inspiration. The Paris' website outlines its philosophy.

“Good cooking is born out in communities where the supply of food is conditioned by the seasons . . .  when providence supplies the means, the preparation and sharing of food takes on a sacred aspect. The fact that every crop is of short duration promotes a spirit of making the best of it while it lasts.”

For more information on each restaurant or to view the menus, visit their websites. 

The Paris is located on 15th South and 15th East and their website is

Sea Salt is located at 1709 East 1300 South and their website is