Photo courtesy of Historic Park City Alliance

You love the idea of Park City's Main Street, with its stretching variety of boutiques, shops, and cafes. Yet, despite its appeal, the reality is you have to come prepared to spend. Main Street doesn't offer you the cheap-end dining or apparel that you can get at the mall—you really do get what you pay for. However, we can all use a bit of a break, and this October you'll find some deals that can get you excited without the guilt.

Park City businesses will offer you "A Peek of Historic Park City," which will include off-season discounts and events. Every Saturday, from Sept. 28 to Oct. 26, more than 20 participating businesses will entice you with their own unique promotions. "Saturdays during the Fall are the perfect days to bring people to Park City. They get to experience the leaves changing colors and what Historic Main Street has to offer," says Meisha Lawson, Marketing Manager of Historic Park City Alliance.

Simply mention the "Peek of Historic Park City" promotion to a participating vendor, and you'll have access to their special deal or event—no other verification necessary. Some participating boutiques, restaurants and galleries include Mary Jane's, Buona Vita, and J GO Gallery. Plus, there will be FREE parking each Saturday.

For more info, including a complete list of participating businesses with their accompanying promotion, visit