The best ideas start with a humble launch party. Last week, The Mirrored Project hosted an evening of entertainment at the Gallivan Center to introduce their concept to Salt Lake.

Founder Jake Hemingway and designer Xenia Young intend to start a high-end fashion line with a legitimate feel-good quality. “Everyone wants to make a global difference,” says Hemingway, “but our clothing truly allows people to make a positive change without leaving the country.” Each item of clothing has a serial number incorporated into the design. Once the item is sold a product or service with the same serial number will be donated to a child in need. And consumers can use the numbers to keep up-to-date online on how their purchase is positively affecting lives.


The initial prototype collection of winter coats was showcased to encourage excitement and support. The Mirrored Project is currently featured on to raise funds to get the business off the ground. “We really believe that we can make a difference,” Young says. “We just need a little financial help to keep us moving forward.”