Eat Local week kicked off on Saturday night at Granary Row with a competition between some of SLC's food trucks. Each was instructed to serve a purely local dish—a fun idea but one which left some at a disadvantage. For example, Rubadue's Saucey Skillet served an excellent Christianson Farms roast pork sandwich on a Vosen's bun


but it didn't hold a candle to his specialty, Alaskan crab cakes with grapefruit relish.

And we don't raise crab or grapefruit in the Beehive. 

Dishes were judged by a panel of five, including me, on the criteria of local-ness (is that a word?), originality and presentation. 

That left out the delicious crepe stuffed withh creme fraiche and raspberries—an unoriginal idea that needs no improvement; and led to some so-so efforts, like the grilled caprese sandwich on pumpkin waffle from Off the Grid. It's better without the pumpkin.

Lewis Brothers served a pork rib with wilted chives and a hushpuppy.

Good, but the winner, according to the judges and the public, was Grub Truck's beef and onion papa relleno, a fried potato croquette stuffed with beef and onions and topped with Cuban sofrito. 

Local, delicious and original. 

The contest was sponsored by Eat Local and Edible Wasatch.