When we think of fitness, young athletes usually come to mind, but those of us who are 50- or 60-years-old can get in top shape, too. At Age Performance, a gym for those 50 and older, certified strength and conditioning specialists help seniors reach their fitness potential.

Paul Holbrook, founder of Age Performance, says the gym has been the result of many years of research and physical training. After seeing his uncle in a nursing home with limited mobility, Holbrook had the thought his uncle and other residents wouldn't be so limited if they were getting more exercise. He researched and found out after age 50, adults start losing muscle, and they lose fast twitch muscles the fastest. These are the muscles that allow us to sprint, jump, quickly move out of the way and catch ourselves when stumbling. But getting old doesn't have to result in getting slow if adults work hard to stay strong. "Lots of older people can run long distances, but they're still losing those fast twitch muscles that keep them quick and strong," Holbrook says. So just running isn't going to cut it.

His gym provides air driven machines that are easier on the joints. "Our machines allow members to achieve fast movement safely. It is really, really, really important for older adults to regain their speed," Holbrook stresses. With its light and airy ambience, Age Performance provides a non-intimidating atmosphere without TVs or mirrors.

Even with chronic conditions such as arthritis, older adults can achieve strength and fitness that keep them moving. Age Performance may not be a cure for those who already have chronic conditions, but it does improve the members' quality of life. From Holbrook's experience, "Higher level exercise does something magical to the body and has an indescribable healing effect. Many of our members will likely continue to have their chronic conditions, but they can say that they’ve gained better strength, balance, energy, sleep patterns and mobility."

By improving their power and quickness, adults will be able to keep up with the hobbies and sports they love instead of slowing down and feeling inhibited by their bodies. They'll be the ones participating instead of sitting on the sidelines watching.

Age Performance is located at 1300 South 1100 East #202, SLC.

For more info, visit ageperformance.com or contact an Age Performance team member at 801-467-6554.