Salt Lake magazine's Second Annual SLC Farm-to-Glass Cocktail Contest came to an exciting conclusion Saturday night at a bash in Rico's Warehouse. Many thanks to Jorge Fierro.

More than 100 guests showed up to sample cocktails from many of the contenders in the month-long contest, to sample bites from local restaurants (Luna Blanco/Fresco, Cannella's, Tin Angel Cafe, Pop Art, Frida Bistro). And dance.

The Copper Smash from The Copper Onion.

Juniper & Co. organized the event, which was the final celebration in Local First's Eat Local Week. Each mixologist was required to include two Farmers Market ingredients in their original cocktail recipe.

The results were an awe-inspiring and dance-inspiring range of handmade cocktails in the best moderno tradition, making guests wonder, "Is this really Salt Lake City . . . as in Utah?" The cliched souvenir shotglass says "Eat, drink and be merry. Tomorrow you may be in Utah," but there we were, eating, drinking and making mucho merry, right in the heart of the city of salt.

Guests make merry at Saturday night's event.

Winner of this year's contest was the Garden Smash by Matt Pfohl at Pallet. 

Matt Pfohl humbly accepts his Farm-to-Glass Cocktail Contest award.

received his silver martini glass and proceeded to sample the cocktails made by fellow contestants from The Copper Onion, Plum Alley, Wild Grape, Faustina, Takashi, Pago, Taqueria 27, Frida Bistro, Tin Angel Cafe, Nowbrowslc and a surprise sample: the signature margarita from Alamexo, formerly ZY. It opens this week.

The night's favorite was awarded to Scott Gardner of Finca for his La Hierba Verde. 

Scott Gardner gives me a hug and accepts his award.

The night's most popular drink, the La Hierba Verde (as you can tell, we couldn't help drinking some of it before taking this pic). 

Find recipes for the competing cocktails here or stop by these restaurants and bars to see if voters made the right decision. And see you next year.