Think beyond the mantel and front door. Greenery welcomes the holidays in some of the most surprising spots around the home.

Here are some ways to use greenery for your own holiday magic. 

Festoon a Chandelier

Photo by Scot Zimmerman

Fresh roses, clementines and greenery are wired to a dining room chandelier.

Crown a Mirror

A spray of pine, pinecones and berries transforms a hallway mirror into a festive focal point.

Build a Nest

Fresh mixed greens cradle a heaping bowl of shiny red apples. 

Adorn Your Bed

Artificial greenery and twinkling lights garb a canopy bed with holiday spirit.

Fresh Thinking 

Love the look and fragrance of fresh holiday greenery but dread the inevitable drying out? Floral designer Natalie Bernhisel-Robinson of La Fleur Design offers advice for keeping them lush and lovely:

Choose evergreens with thick woody stems. They’ll stay fresh for a few weeks or more. More delicate greenery can dry in a matter of days. 

A daily misting can help maintain freshness, but without an actual source of moisture, boughs will dry out. 

Always select greenery that looks and feels fresh, without any yellowing or brown areas. Give bundles and boughs a shake and if needles or leaves easily fall off, choose another.

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