Whether at the salon, coffee shop or boutique, these employees insist on sporting creative outfits as they work. Salt Lake magazine found six cases to illustrate that at-work fashion can have personality.

Sam McKitty, barista

“I like classic pieces, like my bow tie, with bright colors. My bow tie is from Urban Outfitters; boots are from Nordstrom, and this hoodie was a gift.”—Sam McKitty

Shannen Breen, Brian Maya and Olivia Bergmann, retail employees

“The thrown against the wall look is how I dress and what makes me happy; I love H&M and Forever 21.”—Shannen Breen

“I agree. I like things that don’t need to be in my closet forever just because I paid so much for them. I do enjoy the throwback quality of my mom’s old clothes, though, too.”—Olivia Bergmann

Sicily Young, hair dresser; Mak Marie Yarbrough, retail employee

“I flip through a lot of fashion magazines at work; the runway style inspires me. This hat is from Anthropologie, and the shoes are from Urban Outfitters.”—Sicily Young

“I just know what I like. Sometimes my style is more hip, sometimes more classic. My boots are Jeffrey Campbell, and my shirt is from Cotton-On.”—Mak Marie Yarbrough