You don't have to be a licensed nail artist to create your own rocking nail art. You also don't have to resort to using stickers and press-on nail decals. Sometimes it's the imperfection of nail art that makes it cool, and in the case of leopard prints that's especially true. Since no two spots are the same, you can get away with any shape or size.

Animal printed nails are also hot for fall, and if you're going after a wild side for Halloween, this look will fit right in.

Start by gathering your tools. Whether you buy a reusable nail art kit at the salon or use household products like toothpicks and cotton swabs, you can easily create this look on your own.

From let: Nail art set, Sephora | Toothpicks | Cotton swabs (shown, Q-tips Precision Tips)

Next, you'll need the right colors.

From left: Butter London 'Cuppa', Got Beauty | Zoya 'Goldie' | Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics 'Tarred', Sephora

Start with a coat of nude or tan polish on each nail. Create imperfect spots with gold (or another yellow or brown color of your choosing) using a tapered cotton swab, the wider end of a nail art tool or a tootpick with the tip slightly blunt (cut it off with a pair of scissors.) Use a smaller-tipped tool to create smaller spots or jagged outlines around the bigger spots.

Allow to dry completely and finish with a non-chip topcoat. It's a look that's easy to create and lasts much longer than those 3-day nail stickers.