Photo Courtesy of Erica Herbert

Local artist Erica Herbert has been through her share of "bad times". But after being the victim in an abusive marriage for 20 years, she is now promoting and empowering women using her paintbrush. 

When she left her marriage, she did so understanding that she would be empowering herself and no longer wanted to "show" or teach her kids that this behavior was normal. Herbert says her art saved her and supported her through many dark times. She is using the same artistic power to create 50 original paintings dedicated to women who have suffered abuse.

"If we can empower women now, we can empower our children," Herbert says. "And hopefully many future generations."

Check out Erica's Kickstarter page, where supporters can pledge donations for her campaign to help create the art. After the paintings have been created, Kickstarter donors will have the opportunity to choose the painting they want based off the conditions of their pledge.


"Knowladge is power. This project is about women who have gone through horrible, sometimes life-threatening experiences," Herbert says. "This project is not about 'victims' or 'weak people.' This project is about beautiful and amazing souls who have endured a living hell and have chosen to rise above their past."