When it comes to famous alumni, Brigham Young University has a class full—from Twilight series author Stephanie Meyer to former presidential hopeful Mitt Romney to A-list actors like Aaron Eckhart.

Another successful alumni is current president of Xerox Services: Lynn Blodgett. A position he's held since January 2012, Blodgett was appointed president because of his involvement in the successful growth of business processing service, ACS (Affiliated Computer Services), a Xerox Company. Blodgett is also a photographer.

At 10, Blodgett was frequently photographing of birds of prey. It was this early hobby that motivated him to study photography. With Blodgett's work already published in several books, he is now showcasing his latest handiwork at the Kimball Art Center's Garage Gallery through Dec. 1. “Soldier Boy, Soldier Girl” is an exhibit by Blodgett that vividly portrays the faces of war throughout time. “The message behind it is that we owe a lot to these people who fight for our country," Blodgett says. "This was an effort to cast attention on our veterans."

Through his exhibit, you can see that although uniforms change; war does not. Lynn Blodgett reminds the viewer that although many oppose or propose war for an array of reasons, it is soldier's lives that are most effected. For more information on Lynn Blodgett, visit lynnblodgettphotography.com.