Certified Cheese Expert and owner of Caputo's Deli on what cheese to eat now and why:

For Halloween, some people like to scare small children by decorating their yard in NC-17 rated gore. I, on the other hand, like to scare people with cheese. I can safely say you won't find a freakier morsel than our Galet de Tours. 

If you follow my cheesy bits via Salt Lake Magazine, then you know about cheese aging rock star Rodolphe le Meunier. This is also his work, and possibly my favorite. 

It is a 150g little goat disc made in the Loire Valley of France by Cloche d'Or. It is then coated in vegetable ash and inoculated with geotrichum candidum by Monsieur le Meunier. As he provides the perfect environment in his cave, the geotrichum fungus forms a skin on the rind. As it develops further, the signature "brainy" look of geotrichum appears. So it ends up looking like a little greenish black brain.  

The aroma of the rind is of woody cacao and tree pollen. When at room temperature it should be partly firm like cream cheese, yet soft and oozy near the rind. I don't normally think small format goat this time of year. However, this cheese and the lovely warm weather we have been having, present the perfect chance to get in some last minute Savignon Blanc before the big freeze.