On Tuesday, the LDS Church is celebrating the centennial of its partnership with the Boy Scouts in shaping the characters of young men through destruction of natural wonders, starting forest fires and perpetuating* homophobia. The Mormon church is celebrating its incorporation of the Boy Scouts as its young men's program at nationwide event that includes local activities as well as a live broadcast of the national celebration from the Salt Lake Conference Center.

In support of the celebration, local press Cedar Fort Publishing is reprinting the book that started the whole crypto-fascist ball rolling: Lord Robert Baden-Powell's 1908 Scouting for Boys.
"The real way to get happiness is by giving out happiness to other people,” Baden-Powell said.

In that vein, we're wondering if the church's celebration will include recent evidence that Baden-Powell was himself a closeted gay?

Expect the gang at Club Jam to be toasting Baden-Powell with, we hope, a themed and appropriately named cocktail. (Start thinking... now!)

*Note: Gay boys, dumb enough to admit it to their ward-appointed leader, will be accepted into Scouts, but openly gay adults will remained banished from any leadership role.