Photo courtesy of The Gym at City Creek

Many of us like the idea of being fit, we just don't like the idea of time and effort to make it happen. The thought of going to a rundown, crowded gym often gets overruled by sleep, hunger or work. But maybe, with better machinery and encouragement we'd use that gym pass. The GYM at City Creek promotes up-to-date equipment and supportive service to help members achieve physical goals.

A membership pass at The Gym may be pricier than your typical gym, but you are rewarded with a clean environment, no waiting for machines, and friendly faces that make sure your expectations are surpassed. And, good news, no contracts. Instead of forcing commitment, As an additional perk, members get exclusive discounts to stores throughout City Creek.

"It's a professional and convenient place for downtown working men and women to be able to squeeze in some exercise before getting back to work or heading home,” says personal training director, Greg Marshall. The Gym has been part of the shopping center since City Creek first opened. It targets adults who stop by downtown Salt Lake regularly and want an upgrade when it comes to physical fitness.

In reference to members' reactions, Marshall says, “Members love our free towel service, classes, and digital lockers, but most of all they love our staff. With a simple hello and calling our members by name, our employees become legitimate friends with the members, and it makes them want to come to The Gym and work out more often.”

The Gym is expanding. On Oct. 30 The Gym at Station Park will open in Farmington. For special rates, sign up early for a membership at Also, Greg Marshall recently wrote a fitness book titled Body Fit: A Beginner's Guide to Fitness. If you're interested in a copy, email

The Gym at City Creek is located at 51 S Main Street, Suite 308, SLC.

For more info, visit or call 801-656-2092.

Photo courtesy of The Gym at City Creek