Photo taken by Adam Finkle

Letty Halloran Flatt has been queen of the pastry kitchen at Deer Valley Resort for 30 years. It was a sad shock to her co-workers when she announced her resignation, effective the end of 2013. Flatt is looking forward to starting her own business,, a blog focused on food and fitness. A longtime yoga student and vegetarian, and a lifetime lover of the good life, Flatt plans to combine all her passions on the new site that will feature guest bloggers, Flatt’s own observations, advice and tested recipes. 

For those whose anxiety is rising at the news of Flatt’s departure, breathe deep: Her beloved signature creation, the Chocolate Snowball, will never leave Deer Valley. The ball of deep but delicate chocolate cake is finished with a hundred piped-on whipped cream stars and a chocolate snowflake. It’s not uncommon for Deer Valley restaurants to serve 100 a night. Night of a thousand stars, indeed. Pick up a copy of Flatt’s cookbook, Chocolate Snowball: And other fabulous pastries from Deer Valley Bakery.

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