The handbag she carries can say a lot about a woman. Classic? Edgy? Minimalistic? Hoarder?

Some women are content to carry a small clutch containing only the essentials like a credit card and lipstick, while others pratically need a suitcase to lug their entire life and everything they might need while they're out.

Whether you fall on the end or near the middle of that spectrum, we've put together a collection of fall bags, both small and large, so there's one to fit any lifestyle, obsession or compulsion.

Clockwise from top left:

Woven clutch, Q Clothing

Roxy Three Hearts Purse,

Quorra Fringe Bag, Tempest Couture

JADEtribe Capri Weekender, Free People

Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Handle Bentley Handbag, Bastille

French Connection hobo bag, Nordstrom