Mountain Hardwear gear at Park City Sport. Photo by Stephanie Nitsch

Fashion in Park City is often marked by high-caliber boutiques and nearly anything trimmed with fur. So when another ski shop opens in Park City, it may not sound like major news, but Park City Sport on lower Main Street is a refreshing compromise to the somewhat outrageous trends of today’s winter gear.

Walk into the storefront, which unlocked its doors for a silent opening on Oct. 31, and the evidence of a different kind of ski shop is apparent. At first look, it feels more akin to sleek, Euro-mod aesthetics than a dank rental shop or overpriced tourist trap. In fact, my description wasn’t terribly off when Sarah Baldwin, manager at the Main Street store, tells me that the interior design was actually inspired by a ski shop in Switzerland.

To strictly call Park City Sport a ski shop, though, would be a bit misleading. The clothing, accessories and fleet of rentals work just as hard in the snowboarding realm, too. Whether you’re on one plank or two, the versatile outerwear and casual threads are not discriminatory towards your mode of transportation—or your wallet. “We’re not about the thousand-dollar jackets,” says Baldwin, speaking about the technical outerwear that’s loaded on bold, functional style—the kind of stuff that looks ready to wear on the slopes before hitting a bar crawl. “We’re bringing in legit apparel that people can afford.”

Park City Sport is based on a “shop-in-shop concept,” a marriage of Salomon and Mountain Hardwear mini-stores that are integrated into the rest of the space. Browse beyond the two brands and you’ll find stylish (but not ridiculous) outerwear from Eider, durable socks and base layers from SmartWool and the latest techy goggles from Smith.

And when it comes time to rent skis or snowboards, the shop’s inviting lounge area might get your day started off on the right foot—quite literally. The normally uncomfortable experience of jamming your feet into a hard, plastic boot is soothed by a row of leather armchairs, a toasty fireplace and employees who will put the right size on your feet. “We’re not just slapping a boot on you and sending you out the door,” Baldwin says. “We take the time to make sure you’re in the best fitting boot possible, whether you’ve got wide or narrow feet.”

Boot fitting at Park City Sport. Photo by Stephanie Nitsch.

Park City Sport on Main Street, located directly across from Town Lift, is the company’s second location. (The original store is still going strong with ski and snowboard rentals in the village at Park City Mountain Resort.) In addition to outerwear and rentals, both Park City Sport locations sell discounted lift tickets to some of Utah’s ski resorts.

Park City Sport – Town Lift
738 Main Street
Store hours: 8 a.m.–8 p.m. (winter hours)