Artists of Ballet West in "The Sleeping Beauty." Photo by Luke Isley.

During rehearsal at the new Trolley Square studio, Ballet West dancers show off their long, toned bodies with effortless grace (even from a few feet away)—the only sign of struggle being their slightly heavy breathing. This is their 50th anniversary season, and they were rehearsing for the Gala performance that took place on Nov. 2 at the Grand America Hotel.

Artists of Ballet West in "The Sleeping Beauty." Photo by Luke Isley.

Trolley Square recently welcomed Ballet West to its new studio space with open arms (to read more about Ballet West's impact on Trolley, click here), and dancers already seem at home. Walking through the space, you'll see dancers lounging in the couches outside the studio, stretching and practicing routines, and giving and receiving advice.

Jodie Fisher, Public Relations Manager, says the studio space at Trolley Square is smaller compared to the Capitol Theatre, but otherwise they are very similar. "Our students and their parents love this location with its convenient dining and shopping," she says. 

For Adam Sklute, Artistic Director of Ballet West, Trolley Square is a "fantastic space for Ballet West while [the] home Theatre is being rennovated." Sklute says that even after the rennovation of the Captiol Theatre, Ballet West will contintue to use the studio spaces at Trolley Square. "Not only are we adding five new studios next door to the Capitol Theatre, but we have these new studios at Trolley Square."

What does this growth mean for Ballet West? Sklute says, "Ballet West is touring more, both nationally and internationally. We have become a cultural ambassador for the state of Utah." Sklute also mentions the next week and a half will bring close to 100 Ballet West alumni together to celebrate its 50th anniversary. To continue the celebration, Ballet West will perform "The Firebird" at Kingsbury Hall (where Ballet West began) on select evenings, Nov. 8–16.

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