Photo courtesy of VSP Vision Care

Salt Lake parents are seeing the benefits of eye exams for their kids.

According to VSP Vision Care's 2013 Eye Health Index for Kids, Salt Lake City is one of the top 10 eye-healthy cities for kids in the country.

This means that Salt Lake children are seeing better, which has been proven to improve and increase success in and out of the classroom. The index shows that Salt Lake parents are achieving this by enrolling in vision benefits and keeping up on their child’s eye exams.

I’m very lucky to have patients that are so proactive about their eye health,” says William Bogus, a VSP Vision Care optometrist in SLC. “My practice grows every year, and I see my patients who are moms and dads increasingly making sure that their children get an eye exam.”

The data used is based on the percentage of children who received an eye exam in 2012 through VSP Vision Care. Other areas in the top 10 include Los Angeles, Detroit, Wichita, Albuquerque, Baton Rouge, Central California, Cincinnati, Portland and Louisville.

It isn't just poor vision that can be detected from an eye exam. Our eyes also reveal a lot about our overall health,” Bogus says. “A comprehensive eye exam allows me to detect symptoms in my patients for a variety of conditions, such as macular degeneration, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and more.”

Eighty percent of what we learn is through our eyes, according to VSP, and one in four children has an undetected vision problem that may interfere with his or her ability to learn at home or school.