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Governor Gary Herbert says he has a 10 year plan to increase the state's strategic energy plan. Mainly, innovation along with initiative will produce independent energy for all of Utah. And that vision has bloomed into fruition with the latest initiative of Burton Lumber.

Along with electric contractor Hunt Electric, Burton Lumber installed the state's largest local, privately owned, roof-mounted, solar panel project. The installation includes 4.4 acres of solar panels at the Salt Lake City location, creating at least 642.2 kW of electricity, which is identical to the carbon sequestered annually at 501 acres of US forest.

New Lt. Governor Spencer Cox and Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams spoke at Burton Lumber's media event for the project on Nov. 6, highlighting to stress the importance and benefits of sustainable energy for the state.

Along with being green, we love Burton Lumber for their building supplies, garage doors, windows and more. Check out the SLC location at 1170 South 4400 West, or click here to find the location near you.