Matt says, "Nocetto di Capra when well aged is like a goat's milk version of Fromage d'Affinois.  It has a bloomy rind like a Brie, sweet and rich with a velvety and runny texture. Spread onto a slice of crusty bread, add wine, prepare for bliss.
Those who know me well would not expect to find me so excited about something similar to d'Affinois. Not a bad cheese, but certainly not the most exciting for cheese geeks like me. This is where the milk source comes into play and Nocetto di Capra separates itself from d'Affinois. It's made with milk from a very rare breed of goat called Orobica. 
These goats are indigenous to Bergamo, a province in the region of Lombardia in northern Italy. Their milk lends depth to an otherwise mild cheese. Be sure to get a taste soon as Caputo's is not able to carry this cheese year round. Be careful though, one can eat a lot of this cheese in one sitting if not paying close attention."