After all the denials and wasted taxpayer money, Attorney General John Swallow resigned today, presumably to avoid prosecution and/or impeachment. This comes months after anyone with an IQ larger than their hat size had concluded the former AG is a slimeball. It got to the point that babies cried and dogs barked when Swallow entered a room.

How bad was it? Even KSL's soft-ball pitcher Doug Wright expressed skepticism a couple weeks ago about Swallow's honesty—to the AG's face. That's way bad.

But the resignation is not good news in many ways. First, It's all the Republican-controlled Legislature will need to halt the investigations into Swallow's sordid deals that have been giving citizens a glimpse of political business as usual in Utah.—many done on behalf of .

In a state that lauds itself incessantly on its great management, the Swallow investigations were uncovering a very different story of justice twisted and perverted for political and monetory gain. It's a story that would make old-time political bosses blush.

Second, Swallow, former Attorney General Mark Shurleff and their lieutenants and alleged co-conspirators need to be pursued, if only to restore public faith in the AG's office and, frankly, clean house.

As someone once said about political corruption: Follow the money.