A beauty routine is an investment, both of time and money. You can save yourself a little of each by investing in products that have multitasking qualities. Maybe it's an eyeshadow that's good for more than just shadow, or maybe it's a nail polish fit for more than just a manicure.

Some of the products in your current collection might be good for multiple uses. Read on for new uses for common beauty staples like clear nail polish and everyday dry shampoo.

From left:

Clear Nail Polish (Sephora Collection in 'Get What You Want') It's great to use on it's own to give natural nails a shiny finish or paired with another color as a finishing top coat, but clear polish has other uses, too. If your shaving cream is leaving a rust ring in the shower, coat the bottom of the can with clear nail polish and let it dry completely. This will prevent it from rusting and transferring. It also comes in handy to prevent runs in nylon stockings from worsening.

Dry Shampoo (Batiste Fresh from Got Beauty) Of course this stuff is ideal for freshing up your hair between washes, but you can also use it on clean hair to add extra volume. Left sections of dry hair, spray dry shampoo on the roots and work through with fingers. 

MAC Fix+ (Available at Nordstrom) This spray can be used to influse skin with hydrating vitamins and minerals or as a refreshing spritz on top of makeup, and it also works well to heighten eyeshadow pigment. After coating your brush with shadow, spray a small amount of Fix+ on the brush and it will give the shadow a creamy, highly pigmented finish when you apply it.

Ceramic+Ion Hairbrush (Olivia Garden from Ulta) The combination of boar and nylon bristles in conjunction with ion technology makes this brush fit for any style or hair type. Ceramic and ion technology gives hair extra shine. Use it while blodrying to reduce static and straighten while still giving hair volume.

Eyeshadow Palette (Pops Perfect Palette from Got Beauty) Investing in an eyeshadow palette is a good idea because it creates endless possibilites for multiple looks. Not only does this palette give options for both day and night, but the dark colors also double as eyeliner.