Certified Cheese Expert Matt Caputo protests the insanity of Black Friday by taking the Swiss option:
"Yesterday on Thanksgiving I was welling up with gratitude for family, customers and health. Now I am seeing footage of people punching each other and trampling old ladies at Walmart to get a good deal. I love my country and love being American, but sometimes its simply embarrassing.
Therefore, this weekend I am going to do something very un-American and make Raclette, the dish of Swiss origin. The key to this dish is to have a quality Raclette, the cheese. Currently we have 12 wheels that have been aging for a 2 additional months in Caputo's cheese cave after their arrival from France. These unpasteurized cow milk cheeses are now bright orange due to the daily washing of the rind and are nice and stanky. The inside is sweet, slightly pungent and very savory. Umami to the max for sure.
I love making Raclette because it is very easy to do. Working long hours and having two tiny kids certainly makes "easy to do" a must. I simply melt slices of Raclette on a hot plate and serve with boiled potatoes, cornichons, sweet and sour cipolline onions, some of our housemade Speck (cured and smoked prosciutto) and crusty bread.
While I am no pacifist, in the Black Friday war to win amazing deals, I think I will take the Swiss route and just stay home and eat some delicious cheese."