$MOOTHGETAWAY with Salt Lake City in the backdrop. Photo Courtesy of $MOOTHGETAWAY.

Salt Lake is known for many unique things. Rap isn't one of them. But even though the city is less appreciative of the genre, if you dig a little deeper, you'll find an emerging rap and hip-hop scene. Jaden Hawkins is one of the artists in that scene making a buzz. 

Hawkins, who goes by $MOOTHGETAWAY as an artist, was born in Salt Lake. He moved to San Diego shortly after, but moved back home at 14 and has been here ever since. “The Salt Lake hip-hop scene has a lot of talent; the only problem is nobody likes to come together,” he says. “If we all just work together instead of trying to put each other down, then we really could open a door that could bring Salt Lake some recognition.”

$MOOTHGETAWAY hopes to be one of the few rap artists from Salt Lake to make a name for himself nationally. He released his most recent EP, UNLUCKY, in October. The album features songs he wrote and others he freestyled, with an emphasis on beats throughout. He says Interscope and Sony Records have both shown some interest in him.

Originally setting out to be a DJ, he realized the equipment was out of his price range. Having a strong love for bringing people new music, he decided to do it a different way. “Once I knew I couldn't afford the DJ equipment, I got a simple [audio mixing] program and it just took off from there,” he says.

Now, $MOOTHGETAWAY is setting up shows locally and around the country. “I feel like there is way more opportunity elsewhere, but I also feel like Salt Lake is home and I want to do it good here,” he says.

$MOOTHGETAWAY performs live. Photo courtesy of $MOOTHGETAWAY and Devin Jordan Photography.

He considers his recent EP one of his greatest accomplishments. Another is performing with local hip hop group FLESHWNDZ, who have a collective goal of bringing fans new music. “We help bring each other up,” he says.

Check out $MOOTHGETAWAY's album online, where it's available for download, and follow him on Twitter @SMOOTHGETAWAY