Photos by Stephanie Nitsch

Unlike the butcher counters at most of today’s supermarkets, you won’t find pre-cut slabs of ribeyes or T-bones sitting flaccid under the glass case at Park City Meat & Provisions. Instead, hunks of meat are wrapped whole at this new butcher shop and partitioned into desired thickness and size upon order. Even more, the selection of all-natural meats is sourced locally and void of antibiotics or hormones. Translation? A tender, juicy and flavorful cut that you’ll never find at a grocery store. 

The meats at Park City Meat & Provisions range from typical weeknight fare (beef, chicken, pork, seafood) to local specialties (lamb, bison) to borderline adventurous (rattlesnake, rabbit, ostrich; all of which are special ordered). While the variety is diverse, the flavor earns a consistent welcome. “I feel better eating [this meat]. My kids love it. It just tastes so much better,” says co-owner Chuck “Chuckles” Lamb, whose name is purely coincidental.

As Park City’s only true butcher shop, Lamb tells me that the shop’s local focus is a big selling point. Sure, their all-natural, local meats (think Summit County Beef, Morgan Valley Lamb, Gold Creek Farms) and victuals fall under that category, but it’s clear that customers also come for Lamb’s candid humor that has developed over decades of living here.

There are times when you’re gonna hang out and hear a joke, shoot the breeze,” he tells me. “We’re trying to bring the service back and get people excited about buying their meat from us because of the quality service. We want people to feel comfortable. We’re bringing that communication back.”

For many longtime Parkites and younger generations, the concept of a butcher shop is a lost art. “You go to the grocery store, buy a $40 steak and the kid behind the counter can’t even tell you how to cook it right,” Lamb says. “That’s a pre-req for anyone who works here. We go so far as to write the directions on the package and suggest menu options, too.” It’s a refreshing approach for trepid carnivores, such as myself, who are routinely perplexed when choosing the right carne asada for something as simple as Taco Tuesday.

The provisional side of the Meat & Provisions is stocked full of local and artisan sundries. You’ll find shelves of spice blends and marinades for meats; gourmet cheeses and crackers for dinner parties; and an ample reserve of condiments and garnishes for a pop of flavor—many of which are sourced from purveyors who frequent Park City’s farmers market. “A lot of our vendors have a four-month window to sell their product [at farmers markets],” Lamb says. “We wanted to give them year-round exposure.”

Down the line, Lamb anticipates selling local, organic produce and including an artisan deli in the shop, with sandwich-thin slices of ham, turkey and roast beef. “Even high-end deli meat is still cured with a ton of salt and preservatives,” he explains. “That doesn’t make sense for a butcher shop. We want to do it right.” 

And that formula is the cornerstone of this butcher shop. “We’re taking the right steps so we can be around for a while,” Lamb says.

Park City Meat & Provisions is located at 1890 Bonanza Dr., #112, Park City. For more information, call 435-658-5394.

Open: Monday–Saturday, 10 a.m.–8 p.m.; Sunday, 12–6 p.m.