Certified Cheese Expert and Caputo's Deli owner Matt Caputo tells us what cheese to buy now and why: 

So its that time again. The time of year when a regularly humble mild Utah cheese ascends to become as a god among American cheeses. Sadly it will never win accolades in the cheese awards that are always held in the summer.  

It is a soft ripened blend of cow and sheep milk from Eden, Utah's Snowy Mountain Creamery. The cheese is ripened from the surface with an orangish, pinkish culture called B. linens. Stig Hansen, the Danish expat cheese maker uses a Reblochon recipe. This is a VERY stinky French cheese which is actually illegal in the US. 

In the spring, summer and fall Strawberry Peak is too firm to really get as funky as Reblochon and is too tame to be one of my favorites. However, in the winter, due to several seasonal intricacies at the Snowy Mountain cheese cave, Strawberry Peak actually becomes very similar to Reblochon. Any serious connoisseur of French cheese knows how significant this is. 

This week it is just starting to be redolent of Reblochon. Don't miss out. We only have a month or two. If you like stinky, now is the time to taste Utah's (probably America's) best, yet most ephemeral cheese.