In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, time is of the essence, even when it comes to your daily makeup routine.

If you find yourself running short on time in the morning, never fear. I chatted with professional makeup artist, Chelsea Vuksinick and she has a few tricks up her sleeve for applying the perfect amount of makeup in just minutes.

10 easy makeup ideas for people in a rush: Use any one of these quick makeup ideas and take on your day in style. Sometimes less really is more.

1) Eyes or Lips: Choose one feature and play it up. If you want a bold lip color, swipe a light shadow over the lids and add some mascara. If you want a stronger eye statement, take a few moments to do your eye shadow, then balance it out by playing down the lips with chapstick or nude gloss.

2) Focus on the skin: If there’s not time for eye makeup or if you don’t want a strong lip, focus on your skin care routine. A good face wash, toner and moisturizer can make a big difference. For an even look, swipe your foundation all over, set with powder, and add a dash of blush or bronzer. Add gloss or mascara if you’d like.

3) You can get away with just a concealer or brightener: If you really don't wear much foundation or like a more natural look, under eye concealer is a great trick to hide the dark circles and bring your eyes to life.  My favorite is YSL Touche Eclat highlighter; you can get it at any Sephora, Ulta, or Nordstrom location.  Just use your finger to blot or blend in under the eye.

4) Dramatic eyes in 3 steps:  Step 1: Primer.  My favorite is MAC paint pot in "Painterly".  It makes your skin look smooth and prepares your eyes to take the shadow more vividly.  Step 2: Choose a light, medium, and dark shadow. Browns are my favorite. For a typical smoky brown eye, I'll use a vanilla matte color for my highlight or under brow shadow and a softer brown color or maybe a gold color all over my lid. The darkest shade (a dark brown in this case) should have a matte finish. Step 3: Blend the dark color slightly in your eyelid’s crease. This will give the effect of a more almond shaped eye. You can use a shadow shield or a piece of tape connecting upward from your outer eye to your brow to get a straight, clean look. 

5) Brows, Brows, Brows:  A beautiful brow shape can enhance your face entirely, and with a groomed brow, you don’t need much shadow. My favorite tool for brows is the Tarte eyebrow pot, which is like a cream-shadow. Creams are better for thicker brows, and shadows and pencils work better for thinner brows. Your brow should start just above the inner eye where your tear duct is, and it should lengthen on the end.  Fill in your brows so they are stronger in the middle and end, and softer on the inside. Always buff them with a brow brush, which will make the shadows soften naturally.

6) Contouring:  Contouring can add color and definition to your face and even make you appear thinner. Contouring is better over foundation, but you can also get away with contouring over bare skin. Start just below the cheekbone with a medium-sized powder brush, and gently pat bronzer or contouring powder upward to just past the brow. Blend it with quicker and stronger motions with the same brush. You can also add bronzer just below your ear and down the sides of your neck.  

7) Liner: Liner on the top lid can add a great effect. It works well over a strong eye or minimal eye shadow. For this look, I love Stila liquid waterproof liner.  I also like MAC Rapidblack liquid liner. Start on the outside of your eye at a slight upward angle. Draw in one fluid motion to about the middle of the eyelid, touching the lashes. Hold your lashes down with a finger to get a clearer view. Continue the line down to the tear duct, thinning out as you go toward the inner eye. Add mascara, and your eye is ready to go.

8) Know yourself and go with it!:  Don’t be afraid to experiment and find what really enhances your inner style. If you prefer natural and subtle, stick with “less is more.” If you have bronzed skin or large eyes, you may be able to get away with minimal makeup. Older women should focus on eye concealers and skin care that help enhance their best qualities. The young and hip can get away with bold eyes and lips.   

9) Playing with color:  If you’re timid about stepping up to a bold and fiery red, try a plum or a stronger pink. The best trick for playing with color is to know your skin tones and your wardrobe for the day. If you are wearing black, any color lip is great, but if you’re wearing red with a fuchsia undertone, you might not want bubble gum pink lips.

10) Try, try, try again:  Don’t give up. Even the best makeup artists and the most stylish people have stumbled. The more you try something, the more comfortable you’ll become, and the faster you can do it.

Chelsea Vuksinick is a local makeup artist who moved from San Diego to Utah three years ago. She got her professional start as a cosmetic consultant for Nordstrom at Clinique, MAC and Armani Cosmetics.

"I find inspiration in making people feel beautiful, like on their wedding day, and also transforming someone into a specific look they desire." Vuksinick says. "To me, makeup is art and the client or individual is the palette."

She currently works as a freelance artist and specializes in everything from photo shoots to weddings. For more information and a peek into some of her best work, visit her website,