If you think you don't like champagne, or that it gives you a headache, it's because you're not drinking the good stuff. And contrary to what most people think, the good bubbles don't have to cost a lot. Check out all styles of sparkling wine, from everyday prosecco to the finest chateaux, at Copper Onion now through the New Year. Sip, compare, and sip again. 

Here's the info Santangelo sent about the tastings:

It’s that time of year to celebrate and we’re making it easy. 

Select from sparkling wines from around the world ranging in style from Italy’s light and floral Prosecco to the classic style of Champagne. 

And we’re even pouring Veuve Clicquot ‘Yellow Label’! 

by the glass / quartino / bottle 

CAVA / Miquel Pons ‘Brut Nature’, Penedès, Spain 8 / 14 / 36 

This Spanish sparkle is made using the traditional methods of champagne. A light and dry expression with citrus, crunchy pear and touch of almond. Great starter. 

PROSECCO / Adami ‘Garbel 13’, Italy 9 / 16 / 46 

We showcase the apricot and peach aromatics of this Prosecco by serving in a wine glass rather than a traditional flute. Enjoy this light and bubbly choice. 

SPARKLING / Domaine Chandon ‘Blanc de Noirs’, Carneros 10 / 18 / 52 

This California sparkling wine is made with all black grape varietals; Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Soft red fruit shows on the nose moving into blackberry & cassis. 

ROSE / Simonnet-Febvre, Cremant de Bourgogne, France 12 / 20 / 58 

This Rosé is produced from 100% Pinot Noir in the Chablis wine growing region of Burgundy. Showing copper in color, the aromas are of raspberry and red currant, finishing with a slightly dry feel with an elegant smooth bubble. 

CHAMPAGNE / Chartogne – Taillet ‘Cuvee St. Anne’, Merfy 23 / 34 / 115 

Imagine walking into the bread shop and they just pulled out brioche from the oven and spread lemon butter over the top. That’s the aromatics of this Champagne. 

Don’t get me started on how good it tastes… 

CHAMPAGNE / Veuve Clicquot ‘Yellow Label’ 18 / 32 / 105 

A familiar Champagne to mark any occasion, the Yellow Label shows fresh and fragrant fruit with a richness and soft creamy texture finishing with bright acidity. 

A great way to mark this Holiday Season, enjoy!