Snowbasin has teamed with Burton Snowboards to open the Dinosaur Riglet Park this weekend.

The new park is a youth-focused snowboard training area, designated for newbie boarders as young as 3, and is located near Snowbasin's Snowsports Learning Center. Kids will learn balance, weight transfer and the freestyle basics in a terrain of sculpted lava and mountains with "Dino" the dinosaur and "Terry" the triceratops looking on. The point of the dinosaur-theme is to connect with Utah's ancient history.

"With children's love for dinosaurs and Utah's extensive history, we thought the theme was a natural fit," said Jason Dyer, PR and Marketing Manager for Snowbasin, in a press release. "I can't wait for my daughters on opening day to have the chance to learn how to snowboard while getting to know more about the history of dinosaurs in Utah."

One hour and full day Riglet packages are available. Some packages include rentals and snacks. 

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