Enrique Corte, Baile's creative director. Photo courtesy of Baile.

Now that you’re ready to toss aside your tennis shoes for the snooze button, try out Salt Lake City’s new dance party for a workout wake-up call. Baile Dance Fitness Studio fuses dance with fitness routines in classes built to melt away the pounds.

Three years ago, Joni Chapa took a Zumba class from Enrique Corte and they’ve been together ever since, professionally that is. Baile is their baby, just 6 months old. Baile offers classes like Zumba and ballet barre, but their unique new classes are the ones getting all of the attention. La Dance, their most popular by far, mixes pop and Latin styles for a fun, soulful workout. “People are loving it. We’re almost to the point where we need to take reservations for that class,” Joni says.

Baile may be all about dance, but experience is not required. “Our classes are very user-friendly,” Enrique explains. “It feels like we’re at a club without being overwhelming. It just feels like we are at a party.”

Baile provides a workout without the pain. Of course, you’ll feel the burn, but instead of hefting your dumbbell until you fall asleep or trudging through the same aerobic class, you can try La Dance, Zulugroove, Just Dance or even Zumba. With over a dozen classes to choose from, Baile offers something for every mood. “We give people a great workout,” Joni says, “but we also give them something to look forward to.”

You can try Baile at little risk with their introductory offer or wait a few months for a chance to try it free. They will be holding free classes later on this year, courtesy of lululemon. Keep an eye on Baile and lululemon for upcoming details.